Impromptu Orchestra with HTTP/2 and Reactive Streams

Pandora Foyer

With the introduction of HTTP/2 in 2015, Server Sent Events have received a new life as Reactive Streams. In this talk we will look into how these technologies work. We will look at how and why HTTP/2 came to be. I will show you what you need to do to make practical use of HTTP/2. I will give you some practical guidelines for how to choose between Reactive Streams and similar technologies. We will briefly go over the core concepts behind Reactive Streams and I will show you how easy it is to get started using libraries such as Spring Reactor. As a centerpiece we will see just how “Reactive” Reactive Streams truly are. Your cellphones will become orchestra members playing a musical composition and receiving their instructions in real-time with Reactive Streams! Last but not least we will take a QUIC look at HTTP/3 and its’ implications.

At the end of my talk: You will understand why we have HTTP/2, what the main features are and how we can use them in practice. You will understand what Reactive Streams are, when to use them and how they work. You will have experienced first-hand how “Reactive” these technologies really are.