Keynote: DevSecOps at scale: a case study on shifting-left cybersecurity


As a passionate developer you are keen on producing maintainable, high-quality code that is, for a big part at least, covered by a green collection of unit tests. You updated the necessary documentation and the integration and acceptance tests have proven that your application does what it should do. Right before pressing the release button, a tingling sensation hits you: “I think I forgot something”… Fortunately you are reminded by a headline in this morning’s newspaper: “Cyber criminals stole 50 million customer accounts by exploiting a known vulnerability in an outdated library”.

Right… Cybersecurity!

Many vulnerabilities are introduced during the development of software, but are only discovered right before deployment. Increasing cybersecurity effort on the left side of the Software Development Life Cycle is an essential practice to improve the cyber resilience of an organization and its products. During his keynote, Coen Goedegebure will take you through the journey of this shift-left movement within ABN AMRO from a secure coding perspective. What are the pitfalls, lessons learned and future plans and how does a small team of experts support over 700 development teams with their daily security challenges?

Let’s make sure that you as a developer can press that release button with confidence every day and dream of more colorful news headlines about that killer feature you’ve just built. Let’s shift-left cyber security!