Martijn Dashorst

Martijn Dashorst

Software Engineer - Topicus

Martijn Dashorst is a software engineer at Topicus since 2004. He has contributed to several open source projects, and in particular Apache Wicket. Martijn has given presentations at many conferences, including JFall, JSpring, ApacheCon, JavaZone and Devoxx. He has a fondness for Star Trek and Star Wars, Minecraft, Lego, Eclipse, spaces and vi. Currently he is a developer, designer, coach, teacher and devops person. He is mostly active on Twitter: @dashorst.

Solutions for when documentation avoidance fails


The relationship between developers and documentation is best described as “It’s complicated”. Developers complain a lot about the lack of documentation but fail to write it themselves. How can you make writing documentation more enjoyable and use software engineering principles and tools for writing and maintaining documentation? Join Martijn Dashorst in this session to discover […]