Alexander Chatzizacharias

Alexander Chatzizacharias

Java Developer - CGI

Alexander is a 26-year old java developer at CGI. He is of Dutch/Greek nationality. Alexander has a bachelor in Game Development  (University of applied sciences of Amsterdam) and a master in Game studies (University of Amsterdam). During his master Alexander developed a passion for gamification and new technologies. Combining the two in order to create new innovative solutions is one of his greatest hobbies. Within CGI he is busy with promoting gamification and virtual reality. He is always on the lookout for hot new technologies (such as the Microsoft Hololens). His biggest hobby (and this might come as a surprise) is gaming. From shooters to role playing games, he plays everything.

Increasing code quality using gamification


During this session attendees will witness the power of gamification and how it can be used to intrinsically motivate programmers to write the absolute best possible code, while having fun. Attendees will learn methods to engage themselves in their java project, making it more appealing and engaging. Such simple methods are proven to be effective […]